The Little Farm that Could: Home of "Bella the Miracle Milk Cow," is a small farm tucked in the foothills of Northern California (Garden Valley). Home of farm animals of every kind, including Miniature Jersey cows, horses, pigs, chickens, turkeys, rabbits, and more!

We are a small Homestead with Big Dreams! Not everyone is made to be a farmer, but everyone should have direct access to fresh farmed goods. We aim to make quality and humanely raised meat accessible and convenient, farm to door! We will be offering Farm Memberships, Coming Soon!

Grass and Milk finished Beef

Our cows are grass raised, how cows were naturally meant to be. We raise miniature/midsized cows that are more efficient and easier to handle than traditional large beef breeds. Most of our cows are a composite of Lowline Angus (Aberdeen), Dexter, Mini Jersey, and Belted Galloway. We have chosen these breeds for characteristics that each of them offers, and blended them to perfection!

Pastured Pork

We have spent a decade trying out different breeds of pigs, and while many of them have something wonderful to offer, we have again landed on an amazingly efficient composite of breeds, resulting in a pig that is durable, hardy, efficient feed-to-meat converters, good mothering ability, docile, and excellent at foraging. Not to mention exceptionally tasty!

Homestead Milk Cows

Mini Jerseys, Dexters, and Belfairs.